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Graveloo is the encyclopedia of gravel cycle tourism. The site collects all the information on the most important itineraries, cycling trends and news regarding gravel bikes. Anyone can contribute to its growth by filling out a simple form to enter a new itinerary, an accommodation facility or an association that deals with gravel. Gravellar has never been easier.

Graveloo was born in 2021 with the idea of ​​bringing together all the best routes for gravel bikes in a single site.

This type of bicycle seems like a novelty but it re-proposes, in fact, the old way of doing sports and traveling by bicycle. When the roads were all dirt and asphalt was not very common, the “gravel” bike was the only way to get around: steel frame, comfortable saddle and generous wheels. Doesn’t that sound like today’s gravel description? Obviously with all the technical improvements that have occurred over the years.

Gravellar, therefore, does not only mean taking a ride with a gravel bike but, rather, choosing to adhere to a new philosophy of cycling and being part of a tribe: the tribe of gravelists. A group of cycle travelers who decide to do adventure cycle tourism where each ride is an exploration in itself, halfway between game and race, adventure and discovery. Gravel cycle travelers like surprises but not too much.

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All Graveloo contents are structured in such a way as to be simple to read, complete and easily shareable.

On the other hand, essentiality, completeness and sharing are the fundamental values ​​underlying the philosophy of travel in gravel.

Anyone can contribute to Graveloo’s content in several ways:

  • You can upload your own route or travel proposal
  • You can promote your association that organizes bike tours
  • You can promote your accommodation or bike shop if you are on a gravel itinerary

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