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The best gravel bike routes in Austria

Austria is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Europe. Thousands of kilometers of cycle paths, trails for mountain bikes and gravel bikes, many bike grills and bike hotels, and a dense network of cycle-tourist itineraries away from busy roads and cities. Gravel is a novelty in recent years but in Austria there were already many mixed asphalt and dirt paths that are perfect for the current philosophy of traveling by gravel bike.

So what are the best gravel cycling tours in Austria?

gravel cycling in Austria

To select the best gravel itineraries in Austria, we have taken into consideration some parameters such as compatibility with a 2 to 14 day holiday, the accessibility of the itinerary by means of transport and the presence of cycle tourism services in the surrounding area.

Gravel bike routes in Austria

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1. The Austrian segment of the Danube Cycle Route

The Danube Cycle Path (in German Donau Radweg) runs almost entirely, as far as possible, along the banks of the Danube from its sources to its mouth. It is not an itinerary entirely on a cycle path but a mixed route which also includes the use of rural roads and secondary roads. The bottom is mixed asphalt / dirt and is suitable for any cyclist with any level of training. The Austrian section of the Danube cycle route is part of the larger Eurovelo 6 project which is over 3500 kilometers long.

  • 403 km (austrian segment)
  • 2300 mt elevation gain
  • 5-7 days
  • asphalt 70%
  • gravel road 30%
  • every kind of bike

The Austrian section of the Danube Cycle Route is very interesting from a gravel point of view because it includes many sections on light dirt or white roads. Services for cyclists are almost everywhere: bike hotels, bike hire, tourist services offered by tour operators specialized in cycle tourism, ferries. Nothing is missing to organize a perfect gravel holiday. The recommended duration is 5 to 7 days.

On the official site page of the Donau Radweg there is a description of a part of the itinerary with some hints on the type of itinerary and on some of the most interesting points encountered.

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