Cycling the Eolian Islands

Cycling tourism, Aeolian Islands by bike

The Aeolian archipelago by bike

The Aeolian Islands are not as large as the Canary Islands or other archipelagos popular among cyclists, and this might discourage us from choosing them as a cycling destination. However, some of these volcanic islands lend themselves very well to organizing a cycling holiday. Salina and Lipari, thanks to their size and a good network of roads and paths, can be the right setting for our cycling holidays.

Cycling on an island, of course, doesn’t involve multi-day itineraries but rather a series of daily excursions to visit the main attractions on the island. The Aeolian Islands, particularly Lipari and Salina, are interesting from both a cultural and a landscape and naturalistic point of view. Nature, in fact, has gone wild in creating the most beautiful things it could create, while man has taken advantage of this abundance to transform these beauties into delicious dishes and drinks useful for his survival.

The proposed itineraries are two: one on Lipari and the other on Salina. They can be done with any type of bicycle and are not particularly challenging. If you wish to rent a bicycle, you can choose either a traditional bike or a pedal-assisted one.

The GPX Track of the Salina Island Cycling Tour

The bike tour of Salina cannot be done as a coastal circumnavigation because there are no roads that follow the coast. What we propose is a tour that follows the three available roads and avoids the unpaved ones. For a mountain bike tour, the advice is to climb Monte delle Felci. It’s a rather challenging but spectacular climb.

The Lipari Island round trip GPX track

The circumnavigation of Lipari, on the other hand, can be done in a circular form as there is a ring road that runs along the coasts of the island. The itinerary is not particularly demanding and can be done by any cyclist with any type of bicycle. A mountain bike or an electric bike is not necessary, but this is a choice that pertains to each cyclist according to their tastes and needs.

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