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The best gravel bike trails in Germany

Germany is famous all over the world for its cycling tradition. The Germans, in fact, are tireless cycle travellers. As early as the 1960s, crowds of Germans could be seen leaving for southern Italy, France and Spain, armed with sandals and big bags, on steel travel bikes. Today the situation has changed from a technological point of view given that we start off on a good level gravel or mountain bike, with SPD shoes instead of sandals but the Germans have, however, remained great travellers.

So what are the best gravel cycling tours in Germany?

To select the best gravel itineraries in Germany, we have taken into consideration some parameters such as compatibility with a 2 to 14 day holiday, the accessibility of the itinerary by means of transport and the presence of cycle tourism services in the surrounding area.

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1. The Rein River cycle route

The Reno cycle path, also known as Eurovelo 15, is a mixed asphalt dirt cycle touring itinerary that winds along the bed of the Reno from its sources in Switzerland to its mouth in Holland. The track is interesting even if sometimes, running along the edge of a river for kilometers can get a bit monotonous. However, it remains a solution to consider for a gravel holiday since there are many bike hotels along the route and several villages in which to stop for a break or to sleep. In some sections of the river it is possible to swim.

  • 1230 km
  • 2700 mt D+
  • 7-14 days
  • asphalt 70%
  • gravel road 30%
  • every types of bike
Gravel biking in Germany

Obviously, most of the itinerary is in Germany and is characterized by cycle paths often on gravel perfect for gravel cycling or on secondary roads. The beauty of the landscape, the low elevation of the track and the ease of finding accommodation make this itinerary perfect for any cyclist, gravel driver or cycle tourist with any level of training.

On the official Eurovelo website  it is possible to see all the characteristics of the itinerary, book bike hotels, rent a bike and locate the checkpoints where it is possible to stamp the pass.

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