Sicily Divide, gravel bike route

Sicily Divide is a gravel route that crosses Sicily from Trapani to Catania. It’s about 450 km long with a positive gain of about 9000 meters. Mixed bottom (asphalt/dirt) and a very accentuated elevations make it suitable for cyclists with an average fit who use a gravel or mountain bike..

Best months to travel the Sicily Divide are: April, May, June, September, October. Given the high average temperatures in Sicily, the rest of the year is ok. Of course, when it’s rainy, a rise of sticky mud, it’s possible, especially in the stretches where the bottom is earth and stones. 

Anyway, if you travel to the largest mediterranean Island, don’t miss the most scenic, funny and well managed gravel bike route in Sicily!

A gravel bike route in Sicily may be tough

the specs

The road surface is mixed 60% asphalt and 40% dirt. The asphalt sections are mostly heavily damaged to almost nonexistent asphalt, so in fact, even the asphalt sections are often dirt. The parts of the excavation are instead characterized by a clayey bottom which, when dry, is dusty and very funny, in case of rain it can give some mud problems. In general it is a very fun and moderately demanding itinerary. Suitable for cyclists with average athletic and technical ability.

The birth of a gravel bike route in Sicily

key facts and governance

It was born in June 2020, in full pandemic from the work of Giovanni Guarneri and the volunteers of the Sicilian Cycling Association. It is the first cycle touring itinerary dedicated exclusively to cyclists, equipped with a Divider’s Pass in which to collect the stamps at the checkpoints to obtain the travel certificate and be included in the list of Finisher. It is not a race or an event, it is a permanent itinerary, which can be traveled independently at any time. Some services are available on the site such as requesting a personalized divider’s pass or bicycle rental.

This is a permanent cycling route from Trapani to Catania to be traveled by gravel or mountain bike since the ground is mixed dirt asphalt. By requesting the Divider’s Pass, you can collect the stamps along the route at the authorized checkpoints and collect the travel certificate at the end of the itinerary.

  • Length: 457 km
  • Total gain: 9000 mt
  • Bottom: mixed
  • Credential: yes
  • Stamps: yes, at checkpoints
  • Official site:
  • When: permanent
  • Difficulty: medium
This information was provided by the authors of the itinerary or was taken from the official website or from the social pages of the same, therefore, it does not come from official statistical bodies. Before planning a trip on this itinerary, it is essential to contact the authors or those responsible for this itinerary for updated information. In any case.

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